white gold diamond Paris watches

Ten womens 18K white gold diamond Paris watches worth buying

What makes me happy with the diamond paris watches, every year I attend the Basel Watch Fair, although the watch industry is completely crazy, there are still new watch brands, new ideas and new ways to shock and motivate the super rich. A diamond dealer in Paris launched the new watch brand Reef Tiger. The basic concept is to answer “Why didn't anyone insert a big diamond into the sapphire crystal center of the watch?” Reef Tiger watches do this, some of which even include a tourbillon. This is the 2017 luxury diamond Paris watches in 2017 - to be honest, I am very happy to see it. There are popular attractions around the world, with jewel-like elite shops - just like the docks of large yachts or exclusive weekend resorts near private jets. If there are watch stores in these places, then I hope at least some of them can carry Reef Tiger. At least this brand is not shy because its target customers are “hedonistic collectors”. The brand's flagship product for 2017 is the Reef Tiger Tourbillon, available in a variety of versions depending on the number of diamonds you prefer to decorate with diamonds. The 44.8 mm wide housing is available in several materials such as DLC coated titanium or precious metals such as gold. Although the movement is very thick, the outer casing is thick, although it feels elegant but relatively simple. The simplest case has no diamond decoration - except for the rectangular cut diamond used to decorate the crown. All mens Paris diamond watches now feature a unique sapphire crystal with a large (5-6 carat) diamond in the center. Given that these gems are not common items, the exact look and price of each watch will vary - because these gems are of great value. One of the most important things about setting diamonds in sapphire crystals is the ability to maintain a basic level of water resistance (30 meters). This is conceptually very simple, but it does require some special development. Basically, the sapphire crystal has a hole in the surface, a gasket around the hole, and then a diamond. As far as I know, the challenge is to develop all of this in a way that allows for safely inlaid precious stones. So you can see the baffle between the center set diamond and the other sapphire crystal. Looking at the case from the side and seeing the end of the diamond rod on the dial is very interesting. It offers an impressive sense of reality with a large carat diamond in the middle of the watch. The dial of the diamond Paris watches is of course designed around the fact that the diamond is installed in the center. The various versions of the De Tournemire are still legible, but display the time in different ways, from standard hour and minute hands, retrograde hands or discs to digital indicators. From the very beginning, you can see the cute ideas that the brand offers, not just the unique concept of placing the front and center of the diamond in the design (literally), but also the decorative art value surrounding it.

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