luxury ladies diamond watches

luxury ladies diamond watches: a reliable source of diamond gemstone jewelry

Sapphire is a natural fact. This is a natural cave that has changed the luxury ladies diamond watches through the Earth. It can be said that it is used for almost all diamond gemstone movements. If you track it In history, Westerners were the earliest pocket watch machines. There are no gems at all on the core, but the mechanical friction generated by the watch at work is very fast. The moving parts were found to be worn out. At this time, the craftsmen thought that the gems were much harder than the metal, but only at that time, people did not Very research on gems. They use natural gemstones many times, such as natural diamonds, natural rubies, natural sapphires and some rubies, and gradually mature. The emergence of ruby ​​and synthetic sapphire technology. After that, the cost was greatly reduced and synthetic rubies were used in large quantities for watch movements. As for The so-called "never worn" mirror material that appears in advertising actually uses colorless synthetic sapphire. Even today, watch crystals and sapphires are the same Used in the watch industry, not just the movement. High-end phones use synthetic sapphire technology. For example, VERTU panel material The mobile phone brand VERTU is a synthetic sapphire, diamond watches is also this sapphire, not suitable for others, wearable, of course, they need to improve their value. . The main component of sapphire, alumina itself, is a colorless, transparent substance that is blue when it contains iron top luxury ladies diamond watches oxide and titanium oxide. sapphire The mirror on the watch is a synthetic sapphire made of pure alumina at high temperatures. Since no other elements are added, the image is not displayed in blue but is transparent. due For the high cost and high consumption of processing tools, the cost of manufacturing sapphire crystals is relatively high. Usually, sapphire crystal is used in high-end watches. Look. Its tightness, strength luxury ladies diamond watches and impact resistance are superior to other materials. Therefore, the sapphire mirror has become the symbol of the top watch, and the price is the same Of course this is promising. On the surface, the sapphire crystal glass spreads out quickly. Generally, when you remove your mouth from the top of the crystal, it will Spread; spread. When you see the surface, you can't see the fog. Gently tap the surface with your fingernails. Remember, it must be very light. If the sound is very dull, that is Sapphire crystal surface. If it is ordinary crystal or glass, the sound will be crisper. Under certain conditions, then put a drop of water on the surface The surface will stand up, the water droplets will not spread, and will slowly slide down. This is sapphire crystal. This is because the sapphire mirror is a lot It is smoother than mirrors of other materials, so water droplets do not easily spread at the top, while other materials are dispersed into one. So jewelry and Diamonds are luxurious. Conditions: three-piece polished and brushed 18 K white gold case, sapphire bezel, star diamond dial, sapphire hour markers, Cal.315 5 movement, 31 Stone, there are four weights on the inside of the balance wheel, the treasure flute, the dial, the shell, the double star drill, and the movement have signatures. The head of the platinum chain.

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